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SAMSA update, Nov 20, 2011

1. NYCAS met at SUNY Buffalo September 16-17. Feisal Khan of Hobart organized a roundtable on “Meaning of Recent events for Pakistan/FATA/Afghanistan” with Vikash Yadav of Hobart presenting on the “Taliban, Afghanistan and India,” Jawad Yusafzai on “The Pakistan Army and Swat,” Feisal Khan on “Pakistan’s Economy and  Aid Dependence;” and Ted Wright as chair. The 2012 conference will be at SUNY New Paltz, September 27-28. Proposals are due in May and may be sent to: nycas2012@gmailcom

2. Zillur Khan organized a roundtable at the Madison, Wisconsin Conference on South Asia, Oct. 20-23, on “Perceived Effects of Militant Extremism in Pakistan.” Presenters were Irfan A. Omar of Marquette, Aurangzeb Syed of Northern Michigan, and Ted Wright of SUNY Albany. Also at Madison, five members of the SAMSA Board (Candland, Jenkins, Long, Omar and Wright) met to discuss future plans. Proposals for next year’s conference at Madison (October11-14, 2012) are due April 1, 2012.

3. At the SAMSA board meeting in Madison (October 2012), the issue of board expansion was discussed. Subsequently, based on board recommendations, three South Asia scholars were invited to join and they graciously accepted the invitation. SAMSA welcomes three new members to its executive board, Mariam Mufti (University of Oklahoma), Taj Hashmi (Austin Peay State University), and Raisur Rahman (Wake Forest University).

4. Our proposal for the next AAS (in Toronto, March 15-18, 2012) was not accepted. The following AAS will meet in San Diego in March 2013, with proposals due next August. It is hoped that SAMSA members on the West Coast will propose a panel.

5. Per discussions between Roger Long (SAMSA board member) and William Vanderbok of SASA (South Asian Studies Association SAMSA is now an affiliate of SASA. SASA’s next meeting will be at Claremont Graduate University (CA) next April 13-15. Proposals are due this December.

6. ECMSAS (European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies will take place in Lisbon late next July. Long and Wright are on panels. Taj Hashmi is now at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee and asks anyone interested in joining a panel at BASAS (British Association for South Asian Studies) next spring to contact him at:

SAMSA’s Joint Conference with ACSIS in Pakistan in 2012


At their last meeting on October 21st at the Annual Conference on South Asia (Madison, WI), SAMSA’s elected members of the executive board unanimously approved a proposal to co-sponsor the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies’ (ACSIS) annual meeting in 2012.

The joint meeting will be held at the International Islamic University in Islamabad in March 2012 (tentative dates, Mar 5-7) at the invitation of the former president of SAMSA, Mumtaz Ahmad, who is currently Vice Chancellor of that university.

Anyone interested in proposing a paper should contact Grace Clark at Forman Christian College, Lahore (her email:


SAMSA update, June 5, 2011
From: Ted Wright, Newsletter editor

1. The deadline for AAS 2012 proposals is August 4, 2011.

2. The SAMSA sponsored roundtable (organized by Zillur Khan) has been accepted at the Annual South Asia Conference (Madison, WI). The title of the roundtable is: “Perceived Effects of Militant Extremism in Pakistan as seen from Bangladesh, India, and the United States.”

3. ACSIS / SAMSA have been invited by former SAMSA president, Mumtaz Ahmad to hold a joint conference next March at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan. Paper or panel proposals should be sent to Grace Clark of Forman Christian College, Lahore, at:

4. NYCAS 2011 at SUNY Buffalo: Feisal Khan of Hobart has proposed a roundtable on “Meaning of Recent Developments in Pakistan, FATA and Afghanistan.” 

SAMSA Newsletter, February 2011
From: Ted Wright, Newsletter editor

1. SAMSA-sponsored panel at the AAS conference in Honolulu is as follows: “The Media and the Message; Muslims in India. Pakistan & Bangladesh,” April 3, 2011, 8am with Taj Hashmi, Zillur R. Khan, Taberez Neyazi and Ted Wright as chair/discussant.

2. President of SAMSA Irfan Omar has scheduled a “meeting in conjunction” to plan the next year’s SAMSA participation in conferences on Saturday, April 2, 2011 noon to 1:30 in Room 308A Hawaii Convention Center. The 2012 conference will be at Toronto. Proposals are due the first week of August 2011.

3. The annual Wisconsin conference on South Asia will be held at Madison, Oct. 20-23, 2011. Panel proposals are due April lst.

3. ACSIS (American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies) will hold its annual meeting at the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, April 8-9, 2011 on the theme “Religion, Nationalism & Change in Islamic Societies.”  Panel or paper proposals to Robert Hazan: Submit paper copies to the host, Tamara Sonn: Ted Wright shall be giving a paper on “The Role of Religion and Diaspora in the founding of States: Israel and Pakistan compared”.

4. The New York Conference on Asian Studies, on the theme: “Asia at Work and Play,” will be held Sept.16-17, 2011 at SUNY Buffalo. Deadline for proposals is May 2, 2011.

5. The 22nd biennial European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies is scheduled for July 25-28, 2012 at Lisbon, Portugal. Proposals are due on April 15, 2011 to

6. Anyone wishing to be added to the SAMSA mailing list, please send: name, affiliation, email, country of specialization, discipline to Ted Wright at:  

7. Bill Richter of Kansas State University is disposing of his files on Pakistan and the Middle East files of his colleague, Michael Suleiman.


SAMSA mourns the loss of a noted scholar of South Asian Muslim Studies, Dr. Omar Khalidi (1954-2010)

SAMSA mourns the loss of its former executive board member and a long time supporter of research and scholarship on Indian Muslims. Dr. Omar Khalidi, who worked at the MIT’s Agha Khan Program for Islamic Architecture since 1983, died in a streetcar accident on November 29th, 2010, near his home in Boston, Massachusetts.

In response to the sad news, Prof. Theodore P. Wright, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Political Science, State University of New York at Albany noted:

“I was shocked by this news of the premature passing of Omar Khalidi, a prolific scholar on Indian Muslims, both historically and currently. He was a longtime member of the board of the South Asian Muslim Studies Association and contributed constructively to many of the conference panels which it sponsored at AAS, Wisconsin, ACSIS and the European Conferences on Modern South Asian studies. He and I contributed a joint paper to a major conference on Muslims in South Asia in New York City in 1989. He was a goldmine of information on bibliography and on resources on South Asian Muslims; scholars often sought his help in locating hard to find sources. He courageously pursued his research on this important topic in the face of much unfounded criticism.  His death is a great loss to his community and to scholarship on Hyderabad and on South Asian Muslims in general.”

More information about Dr. Khalidi and other responses to the news of his untimely death may be found at MIT’s web site:


Newsletter, October 2010

1. The New York Conference on Asia (NYCAS) met Oct.1-2 at SUNY Brockport, hosted by Salahuddin Malik.

There were three SAMSA-sponsored panels on:

--"Pakistani-Americans at the crossroads"  (Faizan Haq of Buffalo and Taqdees Razzaq of George Mason)

--"Pakistan Historical perspectives, Politics & Identity" (Malik Haq, Muhammad Rumi of Islamic Center Rochester, Muhammad Shafiq of Nazareth)

--A round table on "Peace & Economic Development in South Asia" (Vikash Yadav and Feisal Khan of Hobart), two papers on language & community and "Constructing Media Violence" by Suhail Islam of Nazareth.

2. At the Wisconsin Annual Conference on South Asia, Oct.15-17, SAMSA sponsored a panel (Friday 1:45-2:30):

"Representations of Differences  by/of South Asian Muslims" with papers by


Irfan Omar (Marquette) "Friend or Foe? 19th century Muslim Views of the British in India",


Peter Gottschalk (Wesleyan) "Shared Fears, Divergent Expressions; Islamophobia in British India & USA",


Laura Dudley Jenkins (Cincinnati), "Conversion as Seduction; Islamophobia in Law and Media";


Zillur R. Khan (Oshkosh), "Indo-Bangladeshi Misperceptions; Causes & Consequences"

3. SAMSA executive Board met at the Annual Conference on South Asia (Oct 15-17, 2010) at the Ovations Restaurant, Madison, WI

4. For the AAS conference in Honolulu, Mar.31-Apr.3, 2011,

SAMSA's panel proposal "The Media & the Message, Muslims in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh" has been approved with the following papers: Taj Hashmi "The Politics of Trying 'War Criminals' & Islamist Militants in Bangladesh";  Zillur R Khan "The Media & Autonomy Movements of Muslims in South Asia", Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, "the Changing Face of an Islamic Religious Movement (Darul Uloom Deoband), the Media Perspective from India"; Chair & discussant: Theodore Wright

5. SAMSA has a new website: A list of SAMSA-sponsored panels & roundtables since the early 1990s will be posted there soon. Other suggestions and comments to improve the website would be most appreciated.

SAMSA issues a Newsletter periodically (roughly twice a year) with a mailing list of nearly 100 scholars working in a variety of fields related to South Asian Muslims. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, please contact Theodore P. Wright Jr. (Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, SUNY Albany).